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  • How does it work?
    We bring everything but the water and electricity. We bring the sound system, beach balls , and of course a huge foam canon that sprays foam. Our Foam cannon alone can fill up an area of up to 30x30 ft. We hook up to your water source and electrical outlet. (We bring more than 100 feet of hose and extension cords.). You and your guests have a blast in the foam.
  • How do I prepare?
    We need access to a working outdoor hose hookup, a working electrical outlet, and a big open area within 100 feet of the hose hookup and electrical outlet. We’ll handle everything else.
  • What's the clean up like?
    Our foam fluid is designed to dissipate in the sun. It will take about one day's time to fully dissolve big areas. Some people do like to spray down the area to rinse it off when they’re ready. Alternatively, we are happy to spray down the foam with water, but we do not recommend that on grass. For grass areas we recommend letting it dry on it’s own, then running sprinklers or spraying it later to get rid of the bubble remains.
  • So what is a foam party exactly?
    At our Foam Parties, we show up at your event and fill up a designated area with safe and organic foam. It can pile up as high as SEVEN FEET, but we try to keep it below kid shoulder height, creating a giant pile of bubbles every child goes crazy for! Meanwhile we play kid-friendly dance pop tunes to get the party going!
  • Can you spray the foam into a foam pit? or into a swimming pool?
    Foam Pits- We do not use or recommend foam pits for a number of reasons. The first being kid safety. Inflatable Foam pits usually have only one entrance and one exit and – while Foam is awesome – we do want kiddos to be able get out of it easily if they are scared. Swimming Pools- We are happy to create a Foam Zone near a pool but WE DO NOT under any circumstances do Foam in a swimming pool. It is just not safe. Children (and adults) can get lost, or worse not be able to get get a good breath after coming up from under water. Our Foam solution is high quality, and the Foam maintains it’s own shape - kids just LOVE being able to run in and out of a huge pile of bubbles from all directions- there is no need to shoot foam into " foam pits" or swimming pools!
  • What surfaces work for a Foam Party?
    Almost any medium to large flat surface free of obstacles will work, such as a yard, driveway, pavement, or sports court. Grass can get muddy and harder surfaces can get hot, but both work great, it’s all about your personal preference. Sports courts and artificial grass are perfect when available. The only real no-no are glossy surfaces, like marble or painted concrete. A good rule is if it’s slick when it rains, it will be slick with foam, but not any more than. Remember to clear the area of obstacles (Ex: toys, furniture etc.)
  • Is the Foam Safe for Kids and Pets?
    Yes! Our Foam Solution is hypo-allergenic, dye-free, biodegradable and safe for kids, pets and the environment. We only use professional grade foam solution. It consists of mostly water with two all-natural foaming agents which are also found in organic soaps, like Seventh Generation. We like to say it’s soap without the soap! It’s literally good, clean fun.
  • Will the foam harm my lawn?
    The foam at one of our Foam Parties itself will not harm your grass, but the feet running around in it may cause some wear. No more than any other activity you may have on your lawn, such as a slip ‘n slide or any wet lawn play with a lot of little feet running on soggy grass – And it is certainly better than those giant heavy inflatable bounce houses you see on lawns. – We do recommend rinsing the area after it dries to remove any excess bubble residue!
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