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Terms of Service 



  • A Clear Level Area of 20 x 20 ft. minimum is required for the Foam Zone (Grass or Pavement ideally)- See surface note below for more details


  • Water- Access to a working Outdoor Water Hookup within maximum 90 Feet of foam zone . The closer the better! (water source must have fairly good pressure)


  • Electricity - Access to a working and Dedicated 3-Prong Outlet within maximum 90 Feet of foam zone - the closer the better!




Surface note:

Almost any medium to large flat surface free of obstacles will work, such as a yard, driveway, pavement, or sports court. Grass can get muddy and harder surfaces can get hot, but both work great, it’s all about your personal preference. Sports courts and artificial grass are perfect when available.The only real no-no are glossy surfaces, like marble or painted concrete. A good rule is if it’s slick when it rains, it will be slick with foam, but not any more than. Remember to clear the area of obstacles (Ex: posts, signs, toys, furniture etc.)

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