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Fair and Festival Rates 2023


It just so happens that husband and wife, BenTastic and Magic Mel (both full time magicians), own The Fun Foam Company!  If you book both a Foam Zone AND a Magician (either BenTastic or Magic Mel) , we can offer a HUGE discount for your fair/festival!

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Magic mel 12.JPG

Book a Magician and our Foam Zone for your Fair and receive $500 off our Base Rate!  

Base Rate for The Foam Zone

$1500+HST Day Rate * 


  • Three 30 minute foam party sessions spread throughout the day

  • 1 foam canon

  • 1 foam canon Operator/Host 

  • Sound System –  We will put together a family friendly play list for the foam party 

  • We fill a space of approximately 30ft by 30ft with foam

  • Allows for up to 50 people to be in the foam zone at a time 

*Our Package can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Just to give you an idea of how we can tailor the package for your specific event, take a look at our "add on" pricing below. 

Add ons 

Extra Foam Canon

Our base rate includes one foam canon and one foam canon operator. If you are having a bigger event - you may want to fill a bigger space with foam OR you may want to have more people playing in the foam at a time. For these situations you can add an extra foam canon to your event. 

Having a SECOND foam canon would allow you to have an additional 50 people in the foam zone at a time  (100 people total at one time)


Add on Rate:


 $1200 +HST Day Rate for the second foam canon

Extra Sessions per Day

Three 30 minute foam party sessions are included in our Day Rate above . Extra foam sessions can be added, see pricing below. 

Add on Rate: 

 $300 + HST for each extra 30 minute session.* 

* If you have booked two canons:

we would charge $500 +HST for each extra  30 minute session 

UV/ Glow additive

We also offer UV Glow foam parties! If you are planning to do an after dark Foam party session- A UV-sensitive compound (kid- lawn- and pet-safe) can be added to foam.  We also set up UV lights to really get that foam glowing. 

Add on rate:

 $150 + HST per session

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